We’ve taken on a range of carpet from Japan Carpet! These are ex-stock at factory in Japan and do not have MOQ. However, pricing will vary due to shipping cost.

Specifications (SGBC Labelled)

Construction: Tufted High Low Loop

Yarn: Solution Dyed Nylon 66

Gauge: 1/10

Stitch: 10

Pile Height: 2.0 – 4.0mm

Total Thickness: 7.0mm

Pile Weight 470 g/sqm (13.86 oz/sqyd)

Backing Material: PVC + Glass NonWoven

Tile Size: 50 x 50cm

Tiles per carton: 5 sqm/ 20 pc

Static Electricity: 1kV JIS-L4406, STROLL 23 C. degree 25% R.H.

Warranty: 15 years

TC4000 Series

TC4000 Carpet Series Installation
4001 Black Installation

The TC4000 range is a tessellated pattern that creates a seamless installation for a modern contemporary look.

TC4150 Series

TC4150 Series
4156 Green Installation

The 4150 series is a very quiet design that provides the base for your furniture and designs to stand out. With the high low loop pile and shades of colour within each tile, it provides an almost solid coloured base that will hide stains and signs of wear and tear. This ensures that your flooring will still match whichever table and chair combination as those will need to be replaced regularly.

TC4300 Series

4300 Installation
4301 and 4303

This is the latest range from Japan Carpet!

The 4300 series has a more industrial vibe that is very popular at the moment. Also, it is typically installed in quarter turn pattern as per the photo.

For more information, drop us a line at sales@ba.com.sg

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