We now have the capability to provide acoustic simulation services based on technical data provided by the manufacturers!

From our experience in the acoustic space, although the materials used has the relevant technical data, the construction and application in each space varies depending on site restrictions. Instead of conducting onsite tests for each cross section, we are now able to calculate the absorption, reflection, and transmission of sound by multi-layer structures.

This allows us to model of wall, floor and ceiling structures by specifying layer materials and thickness with further information from each manufacturer’s technical data.

The calculation is based on ISO 12354-1:2017. The standard specifies calculation models designed to estimate the airborne sound insulation between adjacent rooms in buildings, primarily using measured data which characterize direct or indirect flanking transmission by the participating building elements, and theoretically-derived methods of sound propagation in structural elements.

acoustic simulation

Common value engineering goals through acoustic simulation:

  • Reducing the weight of ceiling installations through replacement of heavy rockwool
  • Reducing the thickness of wall installations
  • Recommendation of acoustic material to match other finishes while retaining acoustic properties

The graphic results display the frequency dependent absorption and reflection coefficients as well as the transmission loss, the complex input impedance and other acoustical measures.

If you are not yet ready for an indepth review, this section shows a simplified acoustic requirement calculator.

For a simple calculation of acoustics required for each room, you can make use of this calculator and input the length, depth and height of your room. It will then show the absorption area and coefficient depending on the use of each room.

Further, you can set the simulation based on the subwoofer placement to ensure that the modes are well distributed, by preventing multiple modes falling together in one small frequency range.

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