The most popular seat for this type of movable solution is the Micra. It comes in multiple finishes – PP, fabric, padded – to provide a unique look suited to the design intent of the space, while provided unparalleled function for multiple use.

Movable Seating

The seat is fixed to a practical steel structure which allows the seat to be movable. This steel structure incorporates a non-skid material to ensure the tightest security. Available to be applied individually or in groups of seats.

This can be mounted on a fixed frame or a fitted with wheels for easy maneuverability.

Telescopic Retractable Seating

Micra and Micra TEK seats suit all types of projects involving retractable seating. Euro Seating offers both seats for telescopic tribunes and tailor-made solutions for telescopic structures, motorized or manually operated.

Telescopic Movable Seating

According to the project needs, Micra seat adapts to the project in all its possible versions

The Micra flexing system consists of the complete folding of the seat frontwards, so the seat remains completely folded over the row space in the bleachers, thus needing just a minimum space. This fantastic system is available both for manual and automatic folding.

Movable Railing System

Euro Seating’s railing system makes the movement of groups of seats possible, thus keeping key areas in multipurpose halls, spaces near the stage, etc. clear to make the most of the existing space.

Spirolift System

Spirolift movable seating

This innovative and sophisticated system makes it possible to keep the seats under the floor by means of a complete automatic U-turn, so the seats remain in a 180º position with regard to their initial position when they are ready for the spectators’ use. This advantageous system makes it possible to take the most of the existing space in a convenient and practical way.

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