The polyester fire acoustic panel is a high density, environmentally friendly, fire rated acoustic finishing that provides for a wide range of sounds frequency absorption.

With the wide range of colors available, it lends itself to a wide variety of designs and installation pattern to suit the design intent of each space.

Technical InformationĀ 

Description: 100% Polyester Fibre

Dimensions: 1220mm x 2420mm

Thickness: 9mm or 12mm

Density: 160-229 kg/m3

NRC value = 0.75

Installation MethodĀ 

Ensure that surfaces are clean and free of dust and other material.

Choose a heavy duty construction adhesive, safe for polyester material

Apply adhesive in a zig-zag pattern from corner to corner and around the perimeter on the back of the panel. Make sure that the adhesive is at least 2cm in from the outer edge of the panel.

For faster adhesion to the wall surface, spray a 15cm circle of heavy duty spray adhesive in each of the quadrants of the “X”. Apply pressure to both the bead of adhesive and the sprayed areas. The spray adhesive will keep the panel in place while the bead of liquid adhesive cures to provide a lasting permanent bond. Be sure to follow instructions provided by the adhesive manufacturer.

Note: Panels are double sided. Expose the best looking side to the room.

Colour ChartĀ