With the backdrop of COVID-19, there is a greater need for our spaces to be multifunctional, especially if our indoor spaces suddenly need to be closed off for sterilization and cleaning. Therefore, we’ve brought in a range of glue-less, floating high performance PP outdoor interlocking tiles to transform your outdoor spaces into

  • multipurpose areas,
  • tennis courts
  • basketball courts,
  • futsal courts,
  • roller skating arenas,
  • running track,
  • grass protection mats for outdoor events
  • playgrounds for childcare and other play areas

These were brought in to complement our indoor flooring products – carpet, vinyl, wood.

Outdoor PP Tiles - before & after

We provide the full suite of products including interlocking edges and corners for smooth transition to other surfaces. We also provide the full suite of complementary services including design, line marking and logo design.


This professional grade series provides a technical surface for your sporting needs. Colours can be mixed to provide demarcation. Also, lines and logos can be customized for each project.


The Resilience Run tile mimics the typical running track experience with shock absorption with anti slip finish. It can be constructed to create the standard 400m round track or a straight track depending on the space allocated.

The Grass Protection tile converts grassed areas to event space. It has a cross ribbed structure to minimise weight on the grass and an even surface. The tiles have >380 sun-holes per m2 for moisture and air to penetrate to maintain the grass health.


This series has a different PP composition that makes it more suitable for home, school and playground use. Generally, it is slightly softer for a more comfortable and safer use.

For more information, drop us a note at sales@ba.com.sg!