Novawall has been building acoustical solutions since 1990, as a US manufacturing company located in Virginia. It specialises in extrusion of polymer channels. This is a site-fabricated stretched fabric panel system for walls and ceiling, which provides acoustical absorption and or tackle surface with the luxurious appearance of an upholstered fabric finish.

The Novawall System is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and is able to contribute to certain credits within the LEED Rating System.

BA Furnishings is the exclusive distributor for this system in Singapore and Malaysia.


NOVAWALL® is the clear cut favorite for acoustical stretched fabric wall and ceiling installations. The system was designed to provide an acoustical solution to the varied environments of modern design. Our patented track system molds and adapts to almost any environment ensuring a clean and meticulous finish. Tradesmen and installers always prefer NOVAWALL® because they install it once and it will be there for years to come.

NOVAWALL® is a patented slim profile track developed, adapted and fine-tuned over the last 25 years. While the track kept improving field installations, procedures and best practices were being put in place. Today all NOVAWALL® installations are done by factory trained personnel only. This combined with the ever evolving track system allows us to offer the longest warranty in our industry.

We are also a leader in accurate fire testing, our advocacy has influenced safer fire code standards. We were an early supporter of green building and the first in our field to market sustainable products. With our extensive environmental experience, we can help you accurately calculate LEED credits.

Bring life to uninspired walls with NOVAWALL’s® broad palette of track styles and virtually infinite combinations of fabrics, colors, patterns, textures, custom graphics, acoustic, and tackable cores.

Singapore Reference Installations

Novawall Installation at Theatre

Novawall Installation in Hotel Ballroom

BA Furnishings Toa Payoh Novawall Installation

Novawall Installation at Community Club


Ceilings often times will give you the best opportunity to change the sound of a space. That’s why NOVAWALL® created NOVASPAN®. NOVASPAN® is produced in both 10 and 16 foot widths, that allow architects and designers to create gorgeous widespan ceilings that always look crisp. Intended for use on our 1″ and 2″ Novawall installations, our tolerances with our acoustical core materials is perfect, reducing pucker around light fixtures and other ceiling penetrations.

The Novaspan® Systems are wide span systems incorporating Novawall® extrusions and the Novaspan®textile, for use on large areas and ceilings. There are two widths:

  • Novaspan10 (130″ wide)
  • Novaspan16 (192″ wide)

Novaspan® Textile Specifications
Yarn Content: 100% FR Polyester
Backing: None
Widths: 130″ or 192″
Repeat: None
Flammability: Passes ASTM E-84, Class A or 1
Stocked in White, custom colors available with a 300 LY minimum order

Novaspan Colour Samples

Novaspan Project References

Novaspan Office Installation

Novaspan Church Installation

Novaspan Church Installation

Novaspan Lobby Installation

Novaspan Lobby Installation