Seating provides a critical function in most auditoriums, theatres, lecture halls and sports halls. The choice of seating thus is imperative to ensure fit for purpose.

We offer a wide range of options depending on your requirement for Singapore and the regional market.

Lecture Theatre

The two main types of lecture seating is PP and Wooden. Typically, this comes with a writing tablet.

Due to the hardwearing environment, usually the seating is non-cushioned for easy maintenance. This does not significantly affect the comfort of the user as the shell is ergonomically designed. Further, the users normally sit for a relatively short 1-2 hour stretch.

However, this also limits the colour selection for each order as the shell needs to be manufactured in bulk of usually minimum 300 pieces. For smaller order, we will usually choose from the overstock colours.

LT Seating School
PP chair for Lecture Theatre

Auditorium Seating

Auditorium seating on the other hand, is meant to provide a comfortable environment for longer periods for talks, presentations and performances.

These are thus normally upholstered for comfort and longer periods of use. Typically, seat numbering, row labels, aisle lighting are included as part of the package as well. As it has a fabric finish, custom embroidery is also available if required.

The bestsellers are the Argentina & Bogart models from Euro Seating. Obviously the most common colour from the case studies below is red. However, the blue and grey is fairly popular too.

Tablets can be integrated into the armrest as well. This is especially suitable for adult learning such as army camps. Alternatively, a desk can be integrated into the back of the front seat for the user behind.


Stadium seating typically is made of PP with UV protection to ensure that the colours do not bleed after continued exposure under the elements. We have the typical bucket seats but the tip up seats is where our range stands out.

Luxury boxes then will use the (1) larger format sports seating or (2) auditorium chairs but in a different finish either PP or vinyl to provide a more luxurious option but still able to withstand the rigors of the outdoors.

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