Here, we are taking a look at a few perforated BAKUSTIK acoustic installations for an idea of what is possible & considerations when choosing the design.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Model: 18/8

This was chosen to match the similar plasterboard panels with the same perforation rate. Each perforation was 8mm in diameter and the spacing between them was 18mm centre to centre.

Size of panels

This was a custom sized job due to the variation in size for each room to avoid having odd joint lines with standard sizing.


For this installation, the panels were installed with a 4mm vertical grooveline to accommodate potential expansion and contraction. This is especially so for ceiling installations due to the location of the M&E services.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Model: 1.5/5

This model is classified as a Microperforated Panel as our typical smallest perforation is 6mm. The perforations for this is 1.5mm diameter, such that the perforations are barely visible on the panels, with a 5mm spacing from centre to centre of each perforation.

To ensure integrity of the panel, we provided a 20mm border per panel so that the nails would go through the MDF core without perforations to ensure a secure installation

Size of Panels

These were made with our standard sizes of 605×605. To ensure that there were no odd corners, we took the bottom corner as the reference point and hid all the cut ends at the top of the ceiling and at the overlapped areas.


Similarly, we provided for a 3 mm border around the panels to ensure that the installation was seamless. To avoid excessive contact with water during cleaning, we also left a 10mm border from the bottom.

In general, the MDF core undergoes expansion and contraction with fluctuations in temperature. In addition, the humidity of our climate also reacts with the core. As such, the perforated panels cannot be installed in a flushed joint as it will not be flat and will create unsightly seams between each panel.

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